Moeng Winnery Lunches

Moeng Winery is dedicated to growing a culture of excellence and celebrating it. IN our quest to change the status quo, we have developed an initiative which is intended to equip young individuals with the necessary knowledge to propel them into greatness.
Moeng Lunches is a monthly event that happens on every last Saturday of the month to be hosted at Kafria Kitchen in Randburg. The aim of the lunches is to have a group of young people (entrepreneurs, students/learners, professionals, etc) join a prominent person in society to talk about critical social and/or economic

These lunches will be categorized based on the guest for the month. If it is a woman then it will be Lunch with the Queens and if it is a Man it will be Lunch with Kings. These sessions will be balanced to give the best outcome to the attendees.
The lunches are an extension of the Moeng Winery Royal Reserve range. The range is a tribute to our founders’ late grandmother who was the person that started the entrepreneurial culture in the family. The Royal reserve profiles 5 African Queens and 5 African Kings. These are royalties that changed their communities and changed the course of history for the betterment of their people. During the lunches a king or queen will be made reference to from the range and our wine (Royal Reserve) will be served and placed on the table.

The lunches are also a way of empowering young chefs and/or young people that own their own catering businesses. For every lunch the food will be made by a young person and they will be recognized during the lunch. The royal reserve intends on creating conversation on some of the great leaders we have had in Africa and to celebrate those that are exhibiting royalty tributes in our current days.

We intend on partnering with I AM SA as the media partner to stream these lunches through its platform.