Royal Reserve


Rich in complexity with a velvety finish. Full of spices and fruit. Hints of blackberry and strawberry.

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Our Royal Reserve emanates from the African Dream. Profiling 10 of the greatest royalties to have graced the African continent. The rarest grape for the rarest breed. Best wine for Royalty.
Produced at exceptional quality to deliver an elegant wine with true varietal character. Inspired to inspire each one of us to be Kings and Queens in our lives. To observe our rich history and use it to propel us [Africa} into a prominent country.

The Royalties profiled are:


  • Yaa Asantewa – Ghana
  • Queen Amina – Nigeria
  • Nzingha Queen of Matamba – Angola
  • Nehanda Nyakasikana – Zimbabwe
  • Dihya al-Kahina – Algeria


  • Seretse Khama – Botswana
  • Shaka Zulu – South Africa
  • Samori Touré – Guinea
  • Mansa Musa – Mali
  • Moshoeshoe – Lesotho

Food Pairing

A pretty, versatile wine that will pair neatly with most proteins cooked in a wide variety of styles, as well as earthy, and rustic vegetables, and bright red to black fruits like cherry, cranberry, or plum.
Fuller-bodied seafood like Salmon, Halibut, or Trout. All manner of pork Grilled meats and vegetables from chicken to venison Braised meats and stews. Root vegetables and mushrooms, especially mushrooms Learn to like duck.


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