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Youthful, Rich, full-bodied toasty and buttery, with an additional flavour of vanilla



We are products of choices taken by those that came before us. A legacy can come from an idea, a business, a tradition, a thought…anything that changes a person, the world, just a little and gets passed on, anything that lasts.

For societies to survive and thrive they had to protect their women which gave birth to the saying “Women and children first”. This goes back as far as the sinking of the Titanic. The Titanic had less lifeboats than were needed for the number of passengers, and that the richest passengers were given first dibs on those limited seats. However, many of the wealthy men decided to let the women, regardless of class, get on the lifeboats first, choosing instead to go down with the ship themselves.

On the 09th of August 1956, South African women rose up as one to protest the planned extension of pass laws to black women. This marks the anniversary of a seminal turning point in the history of political resistance in South Africa. The pass law had the effect of turning the majority of the population into criminals. They highlighted that the struggle in South Africa could not be successfully waged unless women and women’s issues constituted a central part of liberation strategy. It laid the foundation for future generations of South African women to struggle against apartheid, against gender discrimination and violence, to push forward those principles first expressed so eloquently in the Women’s Charter of 1954. 20 000 women marched on the Union Building in Pretoria to deliver armfuls of a petition entitled “The Demand of the Women of South Africa for the Withdrawal of Passes for Women and the Repeal of the Pass Laws”

“We salute the pioneers that paved the way for us, we remember the gallant heroines and heroes who rose against colonialism; those who protested the pass laws; those who took united action against unjust labour laws; those women who under severe conditions of poverty, oppression and exploitation, created homes, educated and developed and produced leaders of yester year and today.”


Food pairing

Fresh, vibrant, and lively foods that sparkle with acidity like Baja fish tacos or heavier foods that need a bit of a high note lift such as roasted monkfish and trout. Butterpoached lobster or crab Tomatobased dishes Lighter preparations of poultry like chicken.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pritchard sibanda

    This is one of the best wines l have had so far in the range. with no doubt,l give it 5 star

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